Golfers can be minted by sending 40 ADA to the following address:

  • Our White Paper is an ever evolving iterative document which contains all the information needed to understand our game, and our system.
  • You can check out our White paper by clicking here

  • We are designing a game, first and foremost.
  • We will raise funds by offering you assets to buy in the form of NFTs
  • We deliver, listen, and iterate. Our players are important. No Players - No Game.
  • We will be as open and honest as we can.

  • Samples of our Promo golfers - given free as gifts before the launch of our first competitive Golfers





    When Alex isn't at sea he can usually be found on the golf course 3 putting from 4ft. He enjoys creating maps from Drone Photography and going 0-3 in Magic Tournaments. He also enjoys drinking the most ridiculous IPAs money can buy.

    Jordan has always had a passion for art and started developing his own games nearly a decade ago. His passions include fitness, tabletop games and of course, good quality family time with his newborn son. He recently finished writing a novel as his most recent project before Pixel Links.

    John is most frequently found behind a computer nerding out about the latest programming language or statistics. In his free time he commands vast hordes of tiny plastic soldiers, and wins wooden spoons playing Magic: The Gathering. John misses English cider when he in Europe, and Dutch beer when in England.

    WombatBill is old, so old that, if you let him, he'll tell you about his days coding games in 6502 and Z80 Assembly Language (ZZzzzZZ).
    A lifetime gaming geek, anorak, Twitch superstar (self-proclaimed) and all-round nerd, Bill is happily married with the most amazing daughter in the Universe

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