What is Pixel Links?

Pixel Links is a continually developing Play2Earn game on the Cardano Blockchain utilising your Tiny Golfer CNFTs to participate in both our current and upcoming golf games. Pixel Links falls under the umbrella of Wombat Simpson Games who are registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom.

What do the numbers at the bottom of the NFT represent?

These numbers are the values (1-10) of each skill that your golfer possesses. In order from left-to-right, these are:

• Ability: How straight you hit the shot, how well can you read the wind and the slope

on the green. Can you select the right club at the right time?

• Power: Raw, brute, unbridled, bone-crushing strength.

• Stamina: Golf is a physical sport, you’re going to get tired. Stamina measures how

your Tiny Golfer holds up as you play your way through 18 holes.

• Control: How well you can spin, fade and draw the ball will be based on your control.

• Composure: When the going gets tough and the pressure is on, do you get the yips?

Or can you block out the crowds, focus your attention and play your way to victory?

I've minted a Tiny Golfer. Can I do anything with it whilst I'm waiting for the Main Game to release?

Firstly, thank you from all of us for minting a Tiny Golfer NFT and supporting the project!

The short answer is yes you absolutely can!

The first mini-game that you can play is called BattleGolf. You can learn more about BattleGolf and how it works via the YouTube tutorial here. Up to the challenge? You can enter your Tiny Golfer NFT into a BattleGolf Tournament by visiting the registration channel in our Discord! We offer both Play2Earn (ADA Prizes) and Play2Win (CNFT Prizes) options so pick which you would prefer and let BattleGolf commence!

What will The Main Pixel Links Game Look Like?

First and foremost, the end goal is a golf game. We see it as being essentially three different games in one. If you’d like to know what sort of art-style we’re going for, please check out our Driving Range Minigame!

We’re also developing our “Auto Golf” game, which is something akin to an auto/idle game where you will pick a golfer to play a round, select the equipment, select the golf course. Then your golfer will play the course automatically and you will get a result. From there we intend to iterate on this and add features, competitions, P2E mechanics etc...

Eventually we want to have a game where you play the rounds yourself. Just like playing Tiger Woods, Golf Story, PGA 2k21, or Mario Golf.

Third is the Golf Course design aspect which will be related to the Golf Hole NFTs. You will be able to create a hole or even an entire course that will then be playable by yourself and other Golfers! Not a fan of gaming but love creating things and watching others enjoy and rate what you’ve made? This is the mode for you!


We live in an age with information and games available instantly and at the click of a button. Unfortunately, developing a game isn’t that simple. There are so many different aspects that need to be completed and then put together to give you the shiny, polished end product. At the moment, we have a tentative release date of Q1 2023 scheduled, however this is not set in stone. Whilst we will always try our best to deliver on our Roadmap (which we’ve largely accomplished thus far), we don’t want to make guarantees that we might not be able to keep. Under promise and over deliver is very much the mantra here at Pixel Links!